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I've been married 57 years and I found new strategies to make our lives together more memorable. Consider this book as a gift for your next bridal shower, a surprise for a good friend and most of all as a resource to expand your personal relationship with your loved one

Sylvia Foy – Retired Human Resource Executive

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What People Are Saying:

  • Barbara Tanzer

    Co-Founder TBS Travel (OurCruiseAgent.com)

    I just completed reading the newest publication of Robert W Lucas and I highly recommend it. It is good for couples dating, newlyweds, and those celebrating 30, 40, 50 and 60 years married. The message is loud and clear - COMMUNICATION. What is great about this resource is you can use it, share it, and make your own list of your ways to get to know your partner better and for making love a priority again.

  • Lou Coenen

    Love is one of the great emotions of humanity. Unfortunately, the challenges of daily life can erode the deep feelings and hope that only love can bring. Bob's book provides simple yet powerful ways of keeping your love of life, of your partner, of your friends fresh and alive. I recommend them all - and so will you! 

  • Sylvia Foy

    Retired Human Resource Executive

    This book works well for all ages. I've been married 57 years and I found new strategies to make our lives together more memorable. There are so many unique ideas that are easy to implement. It is obvious the author has common sense flavored by his experiences and creativity. Consider this book as a gift for your next bridal shower, a surprise for a good friend and most of all as a resource to expand your personal relationship with your loved one. 

Two keys to establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with another person are adhering to some common sense relationship-building strategies and taking time to put forth extra in demonstrating love and caring for your partner. The strategies outlined in this book can help accomplish these goals by providing a vehicle for creatively letting your loved one know how you truly feel about her or him and your relationship.



Research seems to indicate the value of being happy and creating healthy relationship with a spouse or significant other. 

4 Reasons:

  1. Happy relationships are good for your health. According to research by psychologist Sheldon Cohen, college students who reported having strong relationships were half as likely to catch a common cold when exposed to the virus. In addition, 2012 international Gallup poll found that people who feel they have friends and family to count on are generally more satisfied with their personal health than people who feel isolated.
  2. The objective existence of family relationships and the subjective sense of having someone to call on in need may increase the length of life a person expects by creating assurance about the future, by reinforcing healthy habits, and by improving current health. Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health 
  3. According to The Journal of Health and Social Behavior, ‘Social Relationships —both quantity and quality—affect mental health, health behavior, physical health, and mortality risk. Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-are-relationships-important
  4. First marriage divorce rates in America range from 41%-50%. Second marriage divorce rates are between 60% to 67%. Third marriage divorce rates range from 73% to 74%. Couples with children have a slightly lower rate of breakup as compared to couples without children. Source: http://www.divorcestatistics.info/divorce-statistics-and-divorce-rate-in-the-usa.html

Meet  Bob Lucas

Bob Lucas is a self-described "romantic" who is fascinated by people and their behavior in various settings. Throughout his life, he has been a student of human nature and has researched and written articles and books on interpersonal relationship skills. He has trained thousands of people on how to more effectively, listen, read nonverbal cues, project a positive self-image and better understand the behaviors of others. He incorporates that expertise and experience in this book.
As an internationally-known award-winning author, independent publisher, learning and performance expert Bob specializes in workplace performance-based training and consulting services and is the Principal at Robert W. Lucas Enterprises. He has over four decades of experience in human resources development, management, and customer service in a variety of organizational environments. Bob has served on various non-profit boards.
Bob is also an avid writer. He has the top-selling customer service textbook in the United States and has written and contributed to thirty-seven books and hundreds of training leader guides, and support materials for several training videos.
Bob earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement from the University of Maryland, an M.A degree with a focus in Human Resources Development from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and a second M.A. degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University in Orlando, Florida.

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